Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pizza Party!!!

Phew what a whirlwind few months...
Last June, we bravely put our house on the market - we wanted to test the waters as well as start planning for a potential expansion....
the expansion didn't work out so well, but after 4 mos, we agreed to sell and went in search of a new castle. 

45 days later - dual settlement - and the holidays 7 days after that - PHEW - exhaustion.  
Its 7 months after that, and I am just starting to feel like we have our feet back under us.  
There are still boxes everywhere - but since this is the "forever house" - we're ok taking our time settling in.

Ty continues to grow - though no changes in his allergy status - we are still avoiding Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, and Peas.  

Growing means more socialization - play groups, birthday parties, and other celebrations... something that every kid gets excited for and every parent secretly dreads...(extra kids can usually mean extra headaches)

Usually these events call for the standard kids fare - pizza, cupcakes, and juice boxes...which can spell disaster for a kid with food allergies...


its amazing the items that are out there to make a fair goes...

Schar Classic White Sandwich Bread
Red Pasta Sauce (we like Wegman's Marinara)
Daiya Mozzarella
Other toppings to taste - we like crumbled ground beef or sausage

To Make
Assemble like any other pizza and toast in the oven for about 5- 10 mins at 425 degrees F

We spoon the marinara into ice cube trays - one "ice cube" is usually enough for two slices of bread...
We usually freeze the bread and bring out 2 slices for an event as well as the Daiya cheeze

Ty actually likes it room temp but daycare usually gives it 30 seconds in the microwave to give it a quick warm-up


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