Thursday, September 1, 2011

Helllooooooo Soy!

Food allergies is a prominent topic for me...its what has me scouring the web for things to try and substitutes to use in my effort to create different meals for Ty in an effort to NOT raise a picky forgive me for another post about them...

but i am doing cartwheels... and have been for 3 weeks!!!!  I've been so excited that sitting down to type has been a low priority...there are new foods to buy and labels to read at the grocery..... because...

Ty passed his soy food challenge


I didn't realize how momentous this would be until i traveled to the grocery the next weekend

We found the following new items for Ty to try

Vegan Gluten Free Burrito - haven't tried this yet
Ian's French Bread Pizza - a massively new texture for his, but definitely intriguing to Ty
Amy's Chocolate Cake
Soyatoo Soy Whipped Topping
and last but not least
Van's Gluten Free Waffles - multiple varieties

I don't even now where to start when it comes to raving about these waffles...I swear I think Ty might turn into a waffle...he would eat them every meal if he could...he wakes up asking for them...its incredible...I havent seen him this excited about a food in so long...
and you know what...I wouldn't know they were gluten free if you didnt tell me...they are super easy to make, healthy and tasty fantastic...

so Van's Waffles - THANK YOU!!!!

We aren't eating tons of soy, but being able to buy foods that happen to have it in it is an amazing thing!

Ok...back to the cartwheels!  Recipes for Back to School soon!